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sally krysztal

I am a multidisciplinary artist working in several mediums including video, photography, crafts, performance and installation. Throughout my career, I have undertaken an in-depth research on local and international crafts that are disappearing from the world. I have made a conscious decision to integrate them into my creative process to express issues I find urgent in society. Usually speaking out the voice of the ‘other’ (the immigrant, gender ext) through a use of my own self portrait in versus ways in my art work. Connecting contemporary art and crafts into a new hybrid in which the human conflicts are in the center.


My recent practice is engaging different art fields including dance, music and theatre. To embody the ray of skills and styles featured I collaborated with a community of artists, craftsmen's and other experts from different art fields. Ever since I have been applying this combination, I found that my work is moving between two different poles. One of them is a solo individual studio work and the other is a very challenging and creative group work.

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