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Augmented (Hi)Stories presents the works of eleven Israeli artists, all members of P8 Contemporary Art Gallery, an artists-run space located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. It is, in a sense, a nomadic exhibition. the exhibition provides a survey of some of the themes that preoccupy contemporary Israeli artists under the conceptual umbrella of ‘History’. All participating artists are concerned – each in her or his own personal way – with a re-telling of a crumbling history, be it through images of current political struggles in Israel or the fading images of old family albums. It is not, however, a strictly thematic show. Rather, it is meant to be taken-in through its images, visual metaphors, and collective spirit. One is invited to decipher the echoes of immigration and of a European past which are left scattered throughout the gallery space; or evaluate the different practices that make up its body.

Augmented (Hi)Stories,Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus, Augsburg, 2023

Sinking Paris
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