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   Sally Krysztal kramberg 


      Born in Paris, France, 1970

      Lives & works in Tel-Aviv, Israel

      Since 2018 a member of P8 gallery



      1999-2002     Art and Photography ,"Hamidrasha" Faculty of Art , Beyt – Bearl College

      1990-1994     Jewellery & Silversmith,"Meimade" Art and craft academy, Tel Aviv


      Solo Exhibitions:

      2022 - Sous-Sol, P8 Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator : Deganit Berest

      2021 - UAHP, with artist Anat Litwin, , Liebling Haus, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator : Sabrina Cegla

      2018 - Charivari, SBCAST, Santa-Barbara, USA, Curator : Sagi Refael, Lynn Hushion Holley 

      2014 - Je Te Vois ,The Zaritsky Artist House, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator: Sagi Refael

      2012 - Charivari, Ha'kibbutz Israeli Art Gallery ,Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curator: yael keyni

      2010 - Paper work, the Heder gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator: Neta Gal-Atzmon

      2007 - Pincemi et Pinecemoi, Ha'kibbutz Israeli Art Gallery , Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator: Yaniv Shapira

      2004 - If You Will It, Haifa Museum of Art , Haifa, Israel, Curator: Yehudit Matzkel

      2002 - 11.95x6.91+, Ramat-Gan Museum of Israeli Art,  Ramat-Gan, Israel, Curator: Simcha Shirman

​       Selected Group Exhibition:

       2023- Augmented (Hi)Stories, Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus, Augsburg, Germany : Curator P8 Gallery: Avshalom Suliman, 

                  Curator  Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus: Thomas Elsen  

                  The Gift, Cross Lane Project, London, Curators : Vanya Balogh

       2021- Runaway Circus, Jerusalem Design Week, Curators: Anat Safran, Tal Erez, Tal Golani

                  Fabrication, Azrieli Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, Curator : Tali Kayam

                  Urban Artistic Hosting Platform, Liebling Haus, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator : Sabrina Cegla

                   If I had seen a man in his room, Arthura, Hefer Vally, Israel, Curators: Dan Alon, Dorit Rubin-Elkanati

       2020 - Emotional Landscapes from Israel, USC Hillel Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, Curator : Sagi Refael

       2019 - The Collectivists, Zaritsky Artists House, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator : Orly Hophman

                   Zumu III, Hatzor, Israel, curators : Milana Gitzin-Adiran, Ruth Oppenheim

                   Hotel Utopia, Brown Hotel, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator : Dana Gillerman

                   A small fish is not a big fish, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramic Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator : Dina Cahana-Geller

       2018 - In This Together : Embracing Diversity, CastelliArtSpace, Los Angeles, USA, Curator : Sagi Refael & Brenda Williams

                   70.70.70, The Jewish Federation, Santa-Barbara, USA, Curator : Sagi Refael

       2017 - I Was Here, The Cuckoo's Nest, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator : Marina Pozner

                   Aiming for touch(down), P8 Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator : Sagi Refael

       2016 - Non Contagious, Hansen House, Jerusalem, Israel

       2015  - Silent Movies, Cavendish Square, London, Curators: Vanya Balogh & Cedric Christie

                    Not in Heaven, Beita, Jerusalem, Israel, Curator: Anat Litwin

                    Re)(Apetura, Laira Dedios, Buenos Aires, Argentina

       2014  - Lightness of Material, Bet Michal, Rehovot, Israel, Curator: Carmit Blumenzon

       2013  - Between Wear and Awareness, Binyamin gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, curator: Orly Roman 

                    Local Pulse, Zaritsky Artist House, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curators: Arie Bercowitz, Orly Hophman

       2012  - Butterflies in the stomech, The Meirov House Gallery, Holon, Israel, Curator: Yehudit Matzkel

       2009  - Sarah & Bobs, P8 Galerry Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator: Rakefet Viner-Omer

       2007  - Displacements: Immigration at a Young Age, MoBY Museum of Bat Yam, Bat Yam, Israel, Curator: Milana Gitzin-Adiran

                    Desert Generation, Ha'kibbutz Israeli Art Gallery , Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator: David Tartakover

       2006  - Tracing Shadows, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel, Curator: Ayana Fridman

       2005  - Liga, Bait Banamal, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Curator: Galia Yahav

       2004  - Taking the Rabbit out of the Hat, Rehovot Municipal Gallery & Art Gallery of Tivon, Israel, Curator: Yhudit Matzkel


       Film Festivals:

       2016 - Concordia, film expositie, Enschede, Netherlands

       2015 - AVAF, Addis Video Art Festival, Ethiopia

       2014 -  Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel

       2013 -  Select Fair, Miami, USA

       2013  - Magic Lantern Film Festival, Stowe, VT, USA   



       2021 - The Tattooed Lady & The Stud Man, Jerusalem Design Week, Israel

       2019 - Beauty is the Beast II, Hotel Utopia, Brown Hotel

       2018 - Easy to tie Difficult to unravel, with the Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak Dance Company, Haifa, Israel

       2017 - Beauty is the Beast, The International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem, Israel

       2017 - Wall Bandages, The Cuckoo's Nest, Tel-Aviv, israel

       2012 - The Tattooed Lady, Mediatheque, Holon, Israel

       2010 - Oz in the city, Halalit, Tel-Aviv, Israel


       2021-2020 Ha'Dira, Liebling Haus, Tel-Aviv, Israel

       2019 - Zumu III, Hatzor, Israel

       2018 - SBCAST, Santa-Barbara, USA

       2017 - Arad Art and Architecture, Arad, Israel

       2017 - Israeli Art in LA, Los Angeles, USA

       2014 - HomeBasePoject , Nano Residency Jerusalem, Israel

       Cinema P8:  Video Art Festival Co curated with the artist Lee Barbeau:

       2022 Disasters

       2021 Family

       2020 Ceremonies

       2019 Interior

       2023 Bruises and Kisses

       Scholarships and Awards:

       2014 - Rabinovitch  scholarship for the Je Te Vois exhibition

       2006 - The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, America-Israel Cultural Foundation,  purchase scholarship  


















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